Apr 19 2016

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Mud and Drag Racing coming to San Benito?

By STEVEN RAY HERNANDEZ   Bj and Henry copy

City officials are soon expected to begin negotiations with two businessmen on a proposal submitted to possibly bring a mud and drag racing facility to the San Benito Airport Property.

At a City Commission meeting Tuesday night, local businessmen B.J. Garcia, owner of the Tipsy Tavern, and Henry Thomae, owner of Fleet Specialties, discussed with city officials their preliminary plans for a four-phase project that they hope will include mud races, tracks for ATV’s, a mud pit for Jeeps, as well as drag racing lanes to be constructed on the airport’s old landing strip.

“This is something that can help the City financially, as well as provide something for the kids to do as opposed to just going and tearing up someone’s property,” said Garcia.

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  1. JDA Enterprises

    An exciting news for the people of San Benito. Finally, a change will happen, and it is a fun one. Cannot wait to see the mud and drag racing in this place.

  2. Undertaker

    I’m sorry to say that the city of San benito doesn’t want mud races or a Toyota plant here! I treys to do at least something, nope city want to stay stuck in a rut!

    1. Undertaker

      I tried my best!

  3. bat

    Just a lot of mud and noise Wow car goes fast. Man look at that truck go through the mud! What the city should do with the 100 acres is bring industry to town to create jobs. A Toyota or Nissan parts factory. Take your heads out of the Mud and get with Jobs for the in tire area and stop being lazy sleeping under cars and trucks.

    1. legwork

      good message. how bout you put in some legwork and not just hot air. do some research. present your findings. get local support. go from there… as you mentioned, “stop being lazy”.

      1. bat

        My name is bat I hit balls. Your name is legwork so getting working on the idea before i hit some more balls It’s your elected officials who should join you legwork. I never miss with hot air. As far as stop being lazy. I have a friend now who’s avacados will not grow. I advised him he should have planted his avacado tree next to water. That would take care of his laziness. Have I mentioned Legwork?


    You can’t expect change to happen without making a change. Good to hear local business men trying to make a living and better the city at the same time. Good luck with that.

    PS… Whatever happen to the famed Resaca park attraction on the other side of the road from the resaca trail with a dock and restaurants and $$$$$$ left and right and that picture the news and city were quick to post and show off and take credit for????

  5. Memo Robriguez

    Well finally something that will bring in people from all parts of the valley.But it took TWO CONCERNED TAXPAYER’S TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE. I guess they got TIRED OF SEEING THE CITY BEING LEFT BEHIND.

  6. joevette

    Great job of Mr. Thomae and Mr. Garcia for trying to and bring some excitement and revenue to this city Henry has been racing for years in all types of styles from drag racing mud racing to other types he is well known through out the valley. From owning his own businesses to racing all over Texas. These two guys will surely bring some good mud racing to San Benito like in the old days when we had mud racing at different locations in San Benito.It was always a crowd from all over the valley that would come here on the weekends.. Good luck Thomae and Garcia and you know community will stand with you on this one ……

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