Feb 05 2016

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SKATE-BORED- Local skaters eagerly await new skate park

By PETE BANDA  SkaterSkaters
Staff Writer

On the corner of Travis and Heywood Street is an empty lot with a makeshift ramp and an old parking lot block set up as a rail. At one time, this lot was the place to go for skateboarders in San Benito; or as one rider put it, “everybody was out here, roller-skaters, skateboarders, people just wanting to have fun… this was a great place for us.” Now, it sits as nothing more than a reminder of what the City used to have.
“This was the place where we could all come and feel comfortable because everybody here wanted to skate… I met so many friends here and when they took it away from us, it was almost like they didn’t even care about us young kids,” said Lupe Gonzalez, an avid skateboarder.

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  1. Judith Zurita

    Where is the new skatepark that they said they would build? What they did at the San Benito Boys and Girls club is not a skatepark, what a shame! Where are the ramps of the old skatepark? At least they should put them back, do not leave the skaters of San Benito, TX without a skatepark!

  2. Jorge

    do you know when will we have a skatepark

    1. Eddy Martinez

      Time to call in the Texas Rangers and investigate what went wrong with this Poor Excuse of a Skate Pad And Who is Responsible in San Benito. What Skate boarding experience did the Contractor who built this Foundation. How much did it cost ? Was the Contractor a Friend or relative of a San Benito City Official. Some things you can Hide. And others are out in the Open for every one to see. There is NO Reason why this happened. A lot of questions need to be answered.

      1. Pepe Roni


        I believe the skate pad was built in-house by city employees. . I agree with the skateboarders; it is way too small to do much skate boarding. The city needs a skate park not a skate pad.It is equivalent to building a splash pad and calling it a swimming pool. It takes an experienced skate park designer to build a skate park and not just anybody. You can’t have a skate park without ramps.

        Unfortunately, the city does not have the $$$$$$ because of the multiple lawsuits against the city because of action or lack of by prior commissions.

        I give Mayor Celeste Gonzalez some props for listening to the citizens and addressing their concerns.

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