WAITING GAMES- Berta Cabaza traffic issues expected all year

By PETE BANDA    BC Traffic
Staff Writer

Driving down Shafer Road around 7:00 a.m. might seem like any other day, but give it few minutes and it turns into a bumper to bumper nightmare. Construction on the busy school street has turned the usually mundane task of dropping off your child at school into a frustrating nearly half-hour event that requires police help to navigate through.
While most citizens will agree the street was one of the most pot-hole infested in the City, the timing of the construction has many in the area frustrated. “It really cuts in to the time I have before work,” said Mary Escobedo, who lives down Colorado street across from Berta Cabaza Middle School. “I already have to drive out of town to get to work but this adds an extra 20 to 25 minutes to my morning.”


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