City issues press release regarding Water Plant No. 2 lawsuit



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                                                            February 23, 2015

The lawsuit filed by the City of San Benito against various parties involved in the design, construction or operation of its new water treatment plant remains pending in District Court.   The parties are in the midst of the discovery process, which is typical at this stage of the case.  The San Benito City Commission continues to monitor closely the progress of the litigation and is prepared to take such actions as are reasonable and necessary to protect the interests of the city’s residents.  The city currently relies on its original water treatment plant which remains operational.  The City Administration and the City Commission anticipate making such repairs and improvements to the original water plant as are required to ensure the residents of the city have a safe, reliable water supply.   The court has scheduled a hearing for March 4, 2014, to set a date for trial.

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