HOMECOMING HOOPLA: Parade, festivities on tap in San Benito; fans share enthusiasm

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2013 Lighting of the SB

2013 Lighting of the SB

Homecoming couldn’t come at a better time in San Benito as the annual parade, burning of the “SB” letters and pre- as well as post-game festivities are planned this week.

The San Benito High School Student Council’s annual Homecoming Parade will be held downtown Sam Houston Boulevard, heading north toward Business 77, at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 23. Immediately following the parade will be the traditional “Lighting of the SB,” which is sponsored by the Class of 2015, at old Greyhound Stadium.

On Tuesday, Student Council Sponsor William Brown said, “As of right now, there are about 80 entries in the parade ranging from elementary school groups to high school groups and our Homecoming royalty as well.”

“The Lighting of the SB is a community pep rally for the Homecoming football game, and the seniors gather on the field to watch the letters burn and enjoy each other’s company one more time,” Brown added.

Friday’s Homecoming game pits the San Benito Greyhounds against Brownsville Lopez at Bobby Morrow Stadium, where the Homecoming court will be presented prior to the game and the coronation will take place during halftime.

For more information on the Homecoming festivities, call Brown at (956) 361-6500.

These are good times in Greyhound Country as San Benito High School football rolled to 5-2 overall and 4-0 in District 32-6A following a record-setting 67-57 win over Brownsville Veterans Memorial on Saturday, not to mention perhaps the most dramatic win in Battle of the Arroyo history against the bitter rival Harlingen Cardinals the week prior.

In response to a San Benito News Facebook request for thoughts on the team’s recent success, dozens of fans praised head coach Dan Gomez, his coaching staff and especially the student-athletes on their accomplishments thus far this season.

Alma and Raul Ortiz said, “It all starts with the head coach and the kids believing in what he preaches! Way to go Coach Gomez and how ‘bout them ’Hounds!”

“Coach Gomez is doing what (the) last coach didn’t…plain and simple. …Coach Gomez makes it about them…the team. ‘It’s all for the boys’ – he has said it multiple times. This coach has united that team like no one has. He…actually cares and he shows it. Shout out to you coach,” added Norma Padilla.

Julie Silva Vasquez agreed. She said, “I love how Coach Gomez has united our boys! They fight to the end and never give up!”

“I love how our community has always supported our beloved Greyhounds! Win or lose. I haven’t seen this with any other valley team! It’s amazing,” Debra Lee Weaver exclaimed.

Blanca Silva, who said her grandson is senior running back Gabriel Vasquez, offered the following:

“Coach Gomez has done an amazing job in uniting our players and bringing out their talents on the football team! Since his first day in San Benito, my grandson Gabriel liked that he was out there with team working them out, something the last coach never did. He pushes them to work hard and improve every day. This is something his grandpa instilled in Gabriel, that hard work and dedication will pay off in the end. This football season, the fans have witnessed some of the most amazing games ever played in San Benito!”

Patricia Avila further noted, “The Greyhounds have given the San Benito fans a heck of a football season. They will win district, because you can’t deny that these boys have talent and the heart to never give up!”

One fan, Joseph Arnold Corkill, said he’s been following San Benito football from Manhattan. “Keeping up with the never say die Greyhounds up here in Manhattan! Go ’Hounds!” Joseph exclaimed.

In addition, Rosemary Delgado said, “As my mother would say and is now saying from the Heavens above, I love my (Greyhounds) and so proud to (have) been one.”

Daniel Gonzales credited senior quarterback Cristian Sierra for being a “field general” and “the best pure passer besides Henry Cavazos the Greyhounds have ever had.”

According to Daniel Muñiz, a coronation may be in the ’Hounds’ near future. “It’s great to see your hometown football team doing so great. Our town of San Benito has always supported our Greyhounds no matter what, win or lose. So proud of this team this year and how far they’ve come. District here we come.”

And Belma Garza, who said she’s the aunt of senior defensive lineman Chris Padilla,  commented, “First of all, it starts with the Lord above that put these talented young men to represent the San Benito Mighty Greyhounds. These young men are the hardest human beings working day in and day out (and) because they love the sport. Then comes the parents of these kids. They will always have (support) from them in whatever they do in life. Finally, it’s the coaching staff who work with them every day, and you can’t forget the community who go out there every Friday to support (their) Mighty San Benito Greyhounds.”

Others expressed their enthusiasm for the team and all the festivities associated with high school football games.

Also commenting were San Benito CISD officials Luis Gonzales, director for the Parental Involvement Program, and Oscar Medrano, a member of the Board of Trustees – both of whom remarked, “Once a Greyhound, always a Greyhound.”


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