Mar 28 2014

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3 arrested for burglary; school, daycare placed on lockdown

Staff Writer

Cesar Armando Gomez

Cesar Armando Gomez

Chris David Ochoa

Chris David Ochoa

Cristian Garcia

Cristian Garcia

A San Benito elementary school was placed on lockdown Thursday afternoon due to a nearby burglary.

At approximately 12:42 p.m., officers with the San Benito Police Department responded to the 1100 block of North Dick Dowling Street in reference to a burglary.

“What sparked our fear is that one of the items that was taken was a shotgun,” said SBPD Assistant Chief of Operations Michael Galvan. “Since they ran in that general direction, we basically had no other choice but to notify the school, and the school was placed on lockdown because of that.”

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  1. Kim

    Wow people still on this topic I wish you would jovette you know what there’s no point on wasting time on ignorant people like you I’ll tell you something though this mother right here whom you state needs a kick in the butt refused to take her son out of jail whom by the way is still there paying for what he did two months so far to be exact ………


    all these kids need a good beating and the parents need a good kick in the butt

  3. Michele

    These young men need proper guidance and they need to be taught respect. I do not know them personally nor do I know their parents but I do know that when young people commit crimes against others it shows a true lack of respect and/or proper discipline. Maybe the parents taught them right, maybe they didn’t…but at this point in life they need someone to be tough on them. The problem today is the home and the judicial system. Many children are never disciplined by their parents. They grow up getting exactly what they want, when they want, the way they want, etc… They learn early that throwing tantrums fulfils the desire of their heart. Parents need to go back to old-fashioned corporal punishment. I do not mean abuse but proper spanking with a good talking to rather than a little time out or, “I’m gonna count to three!” True discipline shows love and when a child is raised without discipline they feel like no one cares! Children who are raised this way are usually the ones who turn to a life of crime, have no respect for authority, etc… Then when they do get caught by the police the judge is easy on them and sends them home where there is no discipline…or even worse the parent gets mad at the police for arresting their “baby” and makes all kinds of excuses for them. Until parents decide it is time they are in control and our judicial system gets tougher we will continue to have young people like these committing crimes against innocent people. The police can arrest them, lock them up, etc…but ultimately it is up to the courts and the parents!

    1. Kim

      A child being disciplined will also throw that “YOU don’t LOVE/care about me” card @ a parent that’s what my son would do and my son is currently incarcerated I didn’t run to him and bail him out I actually spoke to police officer and told him I wasn’t going to bail him out he put himself there so now he’s gotta pay for what he’s done and if you ask my son if he had discipline he will let you know he did…… I often wonder if the people who comment have kids

  4. Frustrated

    You can reach me at 492.3721

  5. Frustrated

    Mrs. Kim, you seem like a good and honest person. I would like to contact you about your son. Everything and anything we talk about will be strictly private. Maybe you can help me?

    1. Kim

      How would we go about that perhaps the monitor for this site can help with getting our information to one another

  6. Big Griff

    Well the first 2 dirt bags was a matter of time. They both have always thought they were hot shot wanna be gang bangers that ran and hid behind mommies skirts and momma was always so quick to protect them knowing they were wrong. The guy to the furthest right…darn I would of never figured. I can actually say he was a quiet, good kid, well till he got caught up with DUMB AND DUMBER. “KEEP IT CLEAN”….. is what your mother should of told your brother Cris….lol and as for the other Chris….HA HA its show time lets see how big and bad you really are in your new residence. As for Ceasar…you’ll be alright son..learn from your mistake you still have a chance. Again, for two of them….THE MAN’S CASTLE LAW TO THE FULLEST is the right I would of practiced…..!!!! It is what it is…..!!!!

    1. Kim

      Thnk you big griff I tried my best with Cesar and lord knows I did all I can do now is leave him in God’s hands

  7. Kim

    IT hurts my heart to find out all of this my son was not brought up in broken home filled with criminal activity as to say he was taught to be this way I strongly believe it’s a mixture if influence and drugs it saddens me because he too knows what we felt like to get robbed at one time when he was bout 11 years old and by a neighbors cousin at that so I truly am sorry for all of you that had to go through this…….. And to let the homeowners know my son will not be getting out he will have to face this like a man and think about everything he has done but I cannot speak for the other boys parents. I tried all I could with my son but he is not a baby he chose this path and now he has to deal with it

  8. Frustrated

    Well where do I begin. These same four individuals broke into my house the week before they committed this burglary. I live next door to two of the individuals that they caught. I had actually told the police and the detectives the name if at least one of the guys an showed them exactly where they lived. These guys broke into my house and stole three tv’s and other things, but the thing that bothers me
    The most is that they trashed my house. They trashed my sons rooms they are only babies and they had the nerve to throw all thier belongings on the floor and flipped thier bed upside down. I knew who had broken in becuase they live in duplex next to our house. I have lived thier for over 6 years and never ha any problems. These guys just moved in the beginning of the month and two weeks later they break into my house. I have had to do all the detective
    Work becuase the san benito PD has not done thier job they way they are supposed to. These guys broke into my house on a Tuesday, by the following week they were locking down the elementary on Thursday. The police knew the names of at lest on individual becuase I had given them the name. No follow up was done after that. I can go on forever but at this point in time it’s probably better that I don’t say more.

  9. Kim

    Why is it that the parents get blamed you people don’t know, parents can only do so much for there children we can guide them in the right path and it is there choice whether or not if they want to take it, one of these boys is my son and my son didn’t live a bad life we were strict at home we had rules that needed to be followed he even graduated high school, so it’s not anyone’s fault he turned out the way he did I tried my best with him not to be this way, but he chose this road and now he has to lay in the bed he made, plus these kids are not babies for us parents to be monitoring every second of the day some parents do have jobs and to be honest NO I AM NOT PROUD FOR WHAT HE’S DONE I feel awful for the homeowners who went through this horrible ordeal…….. Anyone that knows us on a personal level knows my child was not guided to the life he has chosen

  10. joevette

    this kid is a loser let him and his buds break into my house and next time you see him he will be in a coffin

    1. Big Griff

      MANS CASTLE LAW…..IN EFFECT…!!!! I hear ya…

  11. Priscila

    I dont think u should be talking hes my brother and i dont Care what he does hes gonna be my brother till the end so shut up and my brother is cris

    1. rude rick

      you as a sister should of smack him on his head when he was small or last week and told him not to do anything stupid like this…but i guess you were not that helpful to him

  12. rude rick

    ahhhhhh..the walk of shame….i bet these kids parents are sooo proud of them on making the news….stupids kids should stop being lazy and trying to be all wanna be gangster and get a freakin job…they deserve to be arrested and put in jail

  13. joevette

    they should go to jail and the parents should also be charged for not taking care of these kids

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