SBASC COMMITTEE: The List Is In! Perseverance Pays Off

Greyhound logo (90s)The San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee is a group of citizens formed to hold accountable the actions of San Benito CISD administrators during their search for a new head football coach and athletic director. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re not fans of selection committees doing the job that the aforementioned administrators and elected officials are responsible for… but our little club is okay. Together, we plan to offer commentary on hot button issues currently buzzing during the AD/head football coach search. Expect us to offer our two cents every weekend in the San Benito News.



Michael Rodriguez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Michael Rodriguez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

Now that we have a better idea of who’s applied for the San Benito Greyhounds head football coach vacancy (it helped to finally see the list applicants), the SBASC Committee will be tasked next weekend with offering our thoughts on who we think the school district should consider. Brace yourselves… we may take this one seriously. Well… I might.

But we’ll reserve our remarks this week for a purely reactionary response to finally acquiring this elusive list of applicants. After all, it’s important to occasionally stop what we’re doing in our busy lives to question everything, and I can think of no better time than now.

Get behind me, San Benito. Take a break from whatever you’re doing—reliving your Valentine’s Day hits and misses/fits and kisses, enjoying the warm weather or reveling in this week’s “Consider This”—and join me in inquiring about what finally lifted the veil of secrecy. Maybe if we get an answer, we can apply whatever we did as the San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee to a more practical attempt at unveiling all that we still have questions about. And I have many.

Until then, enjoy your weekend, San Benito. Let the Committee take you there.


Francisco E. Jimenez San Benito High School Class of 2006

Francisco E. Jimenez
San Benito High School
Class of 2006

We haven’t received the list of applicants for the head coach/ athletic director position? Should we be mad about that? Why do we need to know?

Who are we to question the decision making of those inhibiting the list? Let’s all just mind our own business and trust those appointed to do their jobs.

That being said, whose job is it to deny our public records request (which is pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act, Chapter 552 of the Government Code as well as Article I, Sec. 8 of the Texas Constitution, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, the common law of the State of Texas and any statue providing for public access to government information)?

What could possibly be the hold-up?

Wait what? We did get the list? Well, this is news to me. Why wasn’t I informed? Don’t I work for, like, a newspaper?

Do you really expect me to go back and write a whole new column like some kind of writer or something?

It’s as if the people holding, and now releasing, the list of applicants are trying to test my patience.


Heather Cathleen Cox Harlingen High School Honorary Greyhound

Heather Cathleen Cox
Harlingen High School
Honorary Greyhound

What can happen in 10 days?

Love could begin. War could end. A flower could bloom and die. One might voyage on vacation to a foreign land and return safely home. A singer could record a hit album. The San Benito school district could respond to the San Benito News’ request for the list of applicants presently being considered for head football coach.

Apparently, for some reason, it took more than 10 business days to receive said list of applicants. Maybe everyone at SBCISD was busy…simultaneously…for over a week? Regardless, they were beginning to make me believe that somebody’s uncle’s cousin’s baby daddy (who knows where the bodies are buried or who paid off someone’s election campaign) had already received the job.

Alas, the list has been revealed and some 30-plus names of highly qualified (and…er…not quite as qualified) folks are on it. With another week to go before the application process comes to a halt, and now that the search has been extended across this great state of Texas, perhaps even more highly qualified, proven champions will apply.

Now, we just have to trust that the “powers that be” will weigh all applicants with a fair and balanced scale. Do you believe in miracles?


Rebecca Lynn Martinez San Benito High School Class of 1999

Rebecca Lynn Martinez
San Benito High School
Class of 1999

It’s way too early for April Fools, isn’t it? Or did the outlandish idea of one man actually work? The San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee’s victory is ours!

It feels like the stars have aligned.

I have not seen the list yet, but hopefully on this day it will be love at first sight. Let’s all be confident that the best qualified applicants from near and far are on that list, and if not let’s do what it takes to get them on there.

I’d like to thank our fearless leader and give him a huge round of applause, please join me if you will.

Our voices have been heard!

I will now channel my inner Gerard Butler from “300,” step outside and yell: This is Spar… The “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in ’Hound heaven!

Happy reading, San Benito! SBASC Committee members have, like you, been foaming at the mouth to finally look at this list.

So enjoy it, friends. Give the list nothing, but take from it everything!


Hector Avila El Greyhound Mayor In Spanish: Mah-yor

Hector Avila
El Greyhound Mayor
In Spanish: Mah-yor

Okay, so as I’m typing this piece, I have just heard word that the list is finally to be disclosed by the time you read this, and I—like many of you—have been waiting like a little kid who can’t get up early enough on Christmas Day to open Santa’s present. (Yes, I still believe in Santa… shut up.)

Anyway, I have heard all the rumors of who the applicants might be, but everyone else knows they are just rumors. Everyone from Tommy Roberts coming back out of retirement to Philip C. Danaher out of Calallen (the state’s third winningest high school coach), and, of course, Jim Helms can’t escape this list, and lastly Bill Belichick… Though I think he would require full ownership of the San Benito school district, so I think he’s officially out. But wouldn’t that be cool?

I thought about a top 10 list of canned responses on why the school district took its time disclosing the list, but I instead narrowed it down to the top 3:

#3. It was a matter of national security;

#2. Couldn’t decide if Santiago “Pepito Elote” Perez should be the consultant;

#1. Internet was out.


Andrea Mosqueda San Benito High School Class of 2014

Andrea Mosqueda
San Benito High School
Class of 2014

Is it Christmas already?

It seems like it, because the San Benito school district has generously gifted us with what we’ve been waiting a whole 10 business days for—the list of applicants for the head coach/athletic director position!

Now, this search process is getting very Hunger Games-esque. Thirty-seven applicants, voluntary “tributes,” if you will, are trying to win a competition that could kill them (or at least their egos) to gain a coveted spot in society, riches, and a chance to act as a figurehead for the government. Hooray!

Okay, so maybe SBCISD administrators are no Capitol, but it’s interesting to think about, right? The victor gets a chance to make a difference, to use his/her power for good, to revolutionize San Benito athletics—to become the Mockingjay, so to speak.

This cutthroat competition will only become more intense as we narrow down the tributes, but you can bet the San Benito “Anti-Selection Committee” Committee will be catching all the action and keeping the public informed every step of the way.

Applicants, tributes, may the odds be ever in your favor!


CLICK HERE for the list of applicants!

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