SBHS in online contest to promote safe driving

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San Benito High School is one of over 3,000 schools across the country that has entered a contest to help promote safer driving.

“The basic idea is that State Farm (contest sponsor) wants to encourage students, and really everybody, to make safe driving choices,” said William Brown, a Physics Teacher at San Benito High School. “One way that they’re going to do this is by having an online voting competition where anyone 14 or older with a valid email address can vote once a day.”

Voting will be held from Oct. 18-26 via Brown said that, to vote for San Benito, log in with an email address and name. “They have eight days, and they can vote every single day, once a day per email address,” Brown added.

The contest will be awarding numerous prizes to participating schools, including 90 $25,000 grants, 10 $100,000 grants and two private concerts from pop star Kelly Clarkson.

“It’s really twofold,” Brown said. “I think that if we were to receive that grant, it would greatly benefit the school. We could use that money to really improve the opportunities available for our students and our children, as far as educational and extra-curricular events go. Ten percent of that grant is guaranteed to go towards safe-driving awareness. If we were to win, I would love to bring in one of those driving simulators for the kids to use and see what the effects of distracted driving really are.

“Also, I think it’s something that we see a lot in our community is unsafe driving,” Brown continued. “This past week we had a bus with students get side-swiped by another vehicle. I just read about that utility truck that crashed into the overpass. I really think that it’s something that is very fitting right now, as far as what our kids are witnessing in our community.”

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