Couple finds ‘foreign object’ in M&Ms


A foreign object that may be the root of a peanut plant was found inside a bag of candy recently. (Staff photo)

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Carlos and Nydia Cañas of San Benito found a little surprise inside a bag of peanut M&Ms.

A foreign object believed to be a piece of wood or possibly a root from a peanut plant was found covered in milk chocolate inside a bag of M&Ms by Nydia, Carlos’ wife as she was driving Friday morning.

According to Carlos, a local singer, educator and board member of the San Benito Economic Development Corporation, the bag of M&Ms was purchased at a rest area on their way back from a trip to Austin on Tuesday.

“We were coming back from a trip because I was singing up there (Austin), and I opened the bag that day and ate a few while on the way back,” Carlos said Friday. “I only ate one or two, put it away, and she opened the bag today and started eating it on the way to Brownsville.”

“She tried biting into it (foreign object),” he added. “It was in her mouth and she tried chewing it. She thought maybe it’s a piece of pretzel.”

But it wasn’t a pretzel.

After identifying that the object was not candy, Carlos said he called Mars Chocolate North America, the company that manufacturers and markets M&Ms, to notify them of their discovery.

“John, a supervisor, said they’d send us a package so we could send back the M&Ms, and they’d send us a coupon for M&Ms,” Carlos said.

Still, the couple believes that the matter warrants further investigation and stressed that the public learn of their experience.

“I was afraid,” Carlos said. “If it would have been a little boy or little girl eating this, or an older person, they could have choked to death. Don’t assume what you’re eating just because it says peanuts.”

Mars Chocolate North America provided the following statement via email in response to the incident:

Mars is committed to providing its consumers with the highest quality products, and all of our facilities institute the industry’s most stringent quality control procedures. While complaints such as this one are extremely rare, we take every consumer inquiry seriously and conduct a thorough investigation of all potential issues. As an important part of this investigation, we have asked the consumer to provide us with the remaining product for evaluation. We have not received any additional calls about this issue and routine inspections indicate that manufacturing processes at our facilities are operating normally.

Besides sending the bag of candy back to the company, Carlos and Nydia said they don’t plan on taking further action on the matter.

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