Lacks to invest $400K into Whalen’s


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A $400,000 remodeling project awaits Whalen’s Furniture in San Benito as Lacks Furniture takes over the business. (Staff photo by Michael Rodriguez)

Representatives of Lacks Furniture confirmed Thursday that approximately $400,000 will go toward the remodeling of Whalen’s Furniture Store in San Benito, this after the former entered into an agreement recently with Whalen’s owner Bill Weekly.

Citing several factors that included the national economic downturn and potential ineffectiveness as a competitive store, Weekly said he decided to lease Whalen’s, a 64-year-old family-owned establishment located on 1000 W. Business 77 in San Benito, to Lacks Furniture. The owners of the Whalen’s Square Shopping Center will reportedly remain Briar Ridge, Inc.

On making his decision to lease Whalen’s, Weekly said, “There were multiple reasons that made me go that direction.” Such as, Weekly added, “First and foremost, a small company like ours, for many years, has been competing with a lot of companies. There will be a time down the road that I’m going to need to recognize that I won’t be a competitive store. That was one thought, another thought was I don’t have any children or no one who’s next in line to take it over; and third there were some downswings in the economy. As I looked at those factors I thought I needed to explore it (leasing Whalen’s to Lacks).”

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